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Dawn Bower is a highly sought-after transformational coach and empowerment speaker. Her purpose is to raise the consciousness of humanity one audience at a time. Throughout her adolescent years, she was viewed as an active student by her peers and community. Dawn participated in various sports, musicals, the marching band, foreign language clubs, and even earned the position of captain on the cheerleading squad. Despite all the activity, Dawn struggled with her self-worth, personal identity, and loneliness which made her feel disconnected from her peers. Dawn eventually fell victim to her “if’s” often wondering… “If people really loved her? If she was good enough? If she really mattered?”

Dawn Bower’s life experience, and gift of story-telling, has equipped her with the tools required to eradicate the perception of loneliness creating deep and meaningful relationships. 

Dawn’s struggle with unworthiness and loneliness followed her into adulthood, and unfortunately caused an end to many relationships. Her early feelings of isolation created a constant need of validation and acceptance from others. Dawn was able to overcome these challenges once she discovered that the solution involved loving all parts of herself. Once true love for self was attained, Dawn embraced her identity and began to establish genuine relationships.

Her experiences allow her the opportunity to continue providing encouragement and advocating for wholeness, by means of her keynote presentations, motivational talks, and interactive workshops. 

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